Amy Winehouse Arrested for Alleged Assault at “Cinderella” Performance

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Amy Winehouse was arrested this past weekend for allegedly assaulting a theater owner during a performance of Cinderella at the Milton Keynes Theatre in Buckinghamshire, England. According to the Times Online, Winehouse was charged under the name Amy Civil — her ex-husband (and reported on-again beau) is Black Fielder-Civil — with a public order offense and common assault after allegedly punching, kicking and pulling the hair of a man who asked the disruptive singer to change seats.

According to the Times Online’s report, which reads like something a caricature of Winehouse would do in an SNL skit, the Back to Black singer attended an “all-star” performance (Mickey Rooney was in it) of Cinderella. During one scene, when we guess one character was sneakily approaching another, Winehouse yelled out “He’s fucking behind you!” Winehouse also clearly voiced her disapproval of Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters by loudly calling them “bitches.” At that point, manager Richard Pound asked Winehouse to simply move seats, which led to the alleged assault.

It was a fairly uneventful 2009 for Winehouse, who spent the majority of her time on the island of St. Lucia and out of the spotlight. Other than one failed comeback performance in St. Lucia, it seemed like Winehouse was on the path toward reclaiming her Grammy-winning glory.

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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