Weekend Rock List: The Beatles’ Studio Albums

September 11th, 2009 by Rolling Stone Leave a reply »

This week, 9.9.09 finally arrived and if you’re like us, you’ve spent the majority of your free time listening to both the studio and mono remasters of the Beatles catalog from With the Beatles to Abbey Road over and over again. (That is, when we weren’t playing The Beatles: Rock Band.) Now that we’re all finally hearing the Fab Four on compact disc like the band likely intended, this week’s Rock List is dedicated to the Beatles’ albums.

They’re all five-star albums in our book, but as George Orwell once said, some Beatles LPs are more equal than others. So tell us your favorites, and on Monday we’ll tally the votes. Let’s keep the balloting at one album per person — sometimes you gotta make a tough choice. For a refresher, check out our guide to all the Beatles’ albums and review of the remasters.


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