Weekend Rock List: Flying Songs

October 16th, 2009 by Rolling Stone Leave a reply »

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Yesterday, the world was riveted by the story of Falcon Heene, the Colorado kid who was thought to have stowed away in his dad’s makeshift flying saucer … but was actually just hiding in a box in the attic like any normal six-year-old. As a tribute to Balloon Boy — who had the RS offices glued to the TV like Sully’s Hudson River landing — this weekend’s Rock List is dedicated to Flying Songs. Tell us your favorite aviation-inspired songs, and on Monday we’ll reveal the tune that will likely provide the opening credits music for the inevitable Heene family reality show. Before you soar, check out our picks below:

• Ozzy Osbourne – “Flying High Again”
• The Beatles – “Free As a Bird”
• R, Kelly – “I Believe I Can Fly”
• Led Zeppelin – “Night Flight”
• Nick Drake – “Fly”


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