Watch Tracy Morgan’s Funniest, Freakiest Clips

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In our current issue, Rolling Stone profiles TV’s biggest superfreak, Tracy Morgan. After sitting down with the 30 Rock star and hearing about how his wild nights as alter ego Chico Divine nearly killed him, Jason Gay compiled a rundown of Morgan’s greatest clips, from Brian Fellow and Tracy Jordan to his own wacky self.

30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan in Therapy
One the most stupefyingly politically incorrect sitcom scenes made since Archie Bunker left town, this moment shows the incongruous 30 Rock comedy team of Alec Baldwin and Morgan at their lunatic heights. “Alec is one of the five greatest actors of all time,” says Morgan. “He’s a five-tool player. He can run, catch, throw — all of it.”

Tracy Morgan Versus Ben Wallace
This 2005 ESPN campaign also featured spots with football star Warren Sapp and hockey’s Jeremy Roenick, but we’re partial to this ad with hoop hero Ben Wallace, then of Detroit, in which Morgan plays a stalkery fan with a wandering eye. “People wrote that role, but I said, ‘We have to do something different with this guy,’” Morgan says. “So I got the bad eye and the big gut.”

Tracy Morgan on El Paso Morning TV
Perhaps you were forwarded this old 2007 clip of Morgan appearing on a Texas TV morning show; it’s gotten more than a million and a half hits. People thought Morgan was under the influence, but the man himself says it’s simply Tracy being Tracy. “I wasn’t drunk,” Morgan says. “People thought that. But I wasn’t. I was being funny.”

Tracy Morgan as Brian Fellow
An inspired but deeply under-appreciated SNL character, Fellow was not an “accredited zoologist” but “simply an enthusiastic young man with a 6th grade education and an abiding love for all of God’s creatures. It’s also an early sign of M...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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