Vampire Weekend Soundtrack Galifianakis’ Beard Shave on “SNL”

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Two albums, two Saturday Night Live musical guest spots for Vampire Weekend, who graced the 30 Rock stage this weekend to showcase a pair of Contra tracks, “Cousins” and “Giving Up the Gun.” Given that this is VW’s second time on SNL the New York crew avoided falling victim to the infamous Saturday Night Live sound issues and delivered a pair of quality performances.

Up top is “Giving Up the Gun,” and perhaps even more interesting than what was happening onstage was what was going on behind the scenes: As evidenced by this video on the SNL site, after introducing the band, host Zack Galifianakis quickly ran backstage to shave his famous beard in order to appear in the next sketch donning only a moustache. In the video, we see Galifianakis razoring his facial hair as VW rock in the background. To keep the ruse going, Galifianakis later appeared during the end credits wearing a fake beard, further confusing viewers.

SNL’s Website is currently acting funnier than the show itself, so the audio of Vampire Weekend’s performance of “Cousins” is working but the video itself is frozen on Galifianakis introducing the band. Until NBC works out the kinks, listen to the “Cousins” below. Next week on SNL, Pearl Jam bring Backspacer to Rockefeller Center.

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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