Taylor Swift Tells “SNL” “I Want to Look Nothing Like Myself”

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When SNL returns from a few weeks off this coming Saturday night, Taylor Swift will be pulling double duty as both host and musical guest. Only a handful of stars have managed that heavy load in the past — notably Britney Spears, who was the youngest host in the show’s history to do so in 2000 at age 18 (Swift is 19). The most recent triple-threat to pull it off was Justin Timberlake — who has won an Emmy for his work on the show — in May.

Swift didn’t want the show’s writers to take it easy on her because she’s also performing, the Fearless singer told MTV News. “I want to look nothing like myself,” Swift said. “I told all the writers, ‘Don’t count anything out.’ I want to go completely, 100 percent in.” Swift also revealed she counts SNL’s Kristen Wiig among her comedic inspirations.

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So how will SNL address the Kanye West-sized elephant in the room? The show will almost certainly make light of West’s VMAs stage invasion, and the most obvious route would be a cast member — we’ll guess Andy Samberg — rushes the stage and steals the mic during Swift’s opening monologue. There’s also been some Internet whispers that SNL has been trying to coax Kanye West to make a surprise appearance and poke fun at his VMAs stunt.

Of course, they could always get Madonna to show up, yell something about Romeo and Juliet and wrestle with Taylor during a “Deep House Dish” segment. Oh, wait, we guess they did that already.

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