SXSW 2010 Day One Twitter Marathon: 27 Reports, From Andrew WK to Paul Wall

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Day one of SXSW 2010 didn’t have a big show for everyone to whisper about and try to sneak into — although Lemmy’s name was bandied around quite a bit. Instead, fans of niche genres celebrated their own victories big and small. Andrew WK returned with his new band after a long hiatus, rappers Paul Wall and Chamillionaire patched things up on stage, electronic wonder Flying Lotus kicked off what is probably going to be a year of amazing hype, and indie rock buzz bands (Real Estate, Surfer Blood, Neon Indian, etc.) did their victory laps. Whatever scene you repped, there was something special to get excited about.

Chris Weingarten of @1000TimesYes began his Twitter odyssey yesterday, tweeting about 27 bands in 14 hours for @RollingStone. Get a look at the mayhem for yourself in our TwitterCam (clips range from the psych scuzz of Tobacco to the stoner metal of Priestess) and catch up on his 140-character reports here:

1) KILL THE CLIENT: Only @ sxsw can you see a grindcore band at noon on a Wednesday. Dude is currently stalking/scaring the early birds

2) YELLOW FEVER: Charming and adorable indie-poppers with hard-working drummer rocking Mario Clouds-looking sweater in 64 degree heat

3) LISSIE Country-folk outsider finds extra 10 minutes in her set; does tender, howling version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”

4) TV GHOST: Trashgoth frontspazz Tim Gick lurching & freaking all over the icky floor of the appropriately batcave-like Beer Garden.

5) TOBACCO: Black Moth dude bringing the scuzziest, wooziest, weirdest, noisiest dance party to a tent. Lots of bearded head nodding!

6) PRIESTESS: Punishingly loud instore at @waterloorecords w/ foggy stoner riffs, snarky fan jokes & a tutorial on changing a string

7) MATÍAS AGUAYO: Minimal techno...

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