Snoop Dogg: Smooth Talking Navigator for Drivers Everywhere

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For Snoop Dogg’s latest collaboration he laid down some tracks for … a GPS? Turns out the rapper is the newest voice for TomTom’s navigation system. Though it might seem like a bizarre match, Snoop had his reasons for the partnership. “Really it was because I’d be riding in my car and I’d be hearing that boring ass lady doing it all the time,” he says in a promotional video on TomTom’s VoiceSkins site. “It would just be bothering me hearing her voice. She’d always be turning my music down, going, “Turn left, go right, straight ahead.’ We gotta add some flavor to that.”

With directions like, “Keep left ahead, and you’ll be bona fide” and “Come on man, let’s get this thing cranked up,” Snoop will definitely add some sizzle to your ride. You can also download a “points of interest” file that contains some of the Doggystyle rapper’s favorite Los Angeles spots.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, next week Snoop will drop his 10th album, Malice N Wonderland, and in early 2010, he’ll release an accompanying short film, which finds the Starsky & Hutch star saving the city of Wonderland from an evil dictator. Jamie Foxx, Murs, Diplo, Soulja Boy and Xzibit all lend their talents to the film, which features plenty of guns, blood and T&A.

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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