Single Minded: Unreleased Snoop Track, Pavement Live and More

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Snoop Dogg, “Falling Asleep on Death Row” [Unreleased Track]
Young Snoop, how we miss thee. This spry and surprisingly underproduced song from the Dogg’s Death Row-era is a welcome reminder of the days when a Snoop reality show might have played more like a drama than a sitcom.

Pavement, “Cut Your Hair” [Live]
You hear that? That’s the sound of Pavement live. Sounds pretty good, right? Sometimes rock and roll dreams really do come true.

Jay-Z “Answer the Call: Live from Madison Square Garden” [Live Performance]
If you couldn’t get a ticket, this full recording of Jay’s 9/11 Madison Square Garden show should provide a close-enough approximation. For the full experience, charge yourself $10 for a beer, $7 for a hot dog, then wait on line for 20 minutes before using your bathroom.

Various Artists, Beatles Songs on Ukelele [Covers]
Now here’s a high concept: indie artists unite to cover the Beatles catalog — on ukelele. Listen today, then listen again in 40 years when they’re all remastered and re-released.

The Grooms, “Wicked Game” [Chris Isaak Cover]
The original was strangely spooky on its own, but the Groom’s cataclysmic remake of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game makes it absolutely terrifying. We’d imagine that in the video for this one, the Grooms are half naked in black & white on a beach, killing one another in slow motion.


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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