Single Minded: The Killers Team With Wolfmother, Beatles Covers

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The Killers & Wolfmother, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” [Animals Cover]
If there are two bands working today that can pour more deep, personal meaning into “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” more than the Killers and Wolfmother, we’d love to know who they are.

Fiach, “Golden Slumbers” [Beatles Covers]
So, some CDs came out on Wednesday. Maybe you heard something about them? Irish artist Fiach certainly did and, canny marketer that he is, is giving away this gorgeous cover of “Golden Slumbers” (S-M’s choice for underrated Beatles masterpiece) for free. It does not, however, come in stereo and mono editions.

Wild Nothing, “Cloudbusting” [Kate Bush Cover]
Anyone who covers a Kate Bush song besides “Running Up That Hill” automatically gets S-M’s respect and attention, but when it’s one of her weirder, dreamier numbers — and it’s somehow made even weirder and dreamier, well, those are the weeks we wish we had some kind of prize pack.

Au Revoir Simone, “Another Likely Story” [Neon Indian Remix]
You might want to jot down the name Neon Indian. The Brooklyn band is accumulating buckets of buzz, and this glitched up space-techno reworking of Au Revoir Simone’s breathy pop number is not exactly gonna hurt their momentum.

Afghan Whigs, Live at the Bowery Ballroom, November 98 [Live]
To close, a Friday flashback: a live recording of the Afghan Whighs in the late 90s for anyone looking to start their weekend with a bout of tortured, misguided love and intense self-loathing. Which is the way a lot of people’s weekend’s generally end, so why not just be ahead of the curve?...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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