Readers’ Rock List: The Clash

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Photo: Wilmer/Redferns
Last week, before the Clash of the Titans remake shattered Easter weekend box office records — much to the chagrin of Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers — we asked for your favorite songs by a far superior Clash. The votes ranged from The Clash classics to Combat Rock, but “London Calling” captured the reader vote, beating “Train in Vain,” “Rock the Casbah” and the M.I.A.-sampled “Straight to Hell”:

1. “London Calling”
2. “Train in Vain”
3. “Straight to Hell”
4. “The Guns of Brixton”
5. “White Riot”
6. “Clampdown”
7. “Death or Glory”
8. “I Fought the Law”
9. “Rock the Casbah”
10. “Lost in the Supermarket”
11. “Police on My Back”
12. “Complete Control”
13. “Should I Stay or Should I Go”
14. “Spanish Bombs”
15. “Career Opportunities”


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