Pink’s High-Flying “Funhouse” Spectacle Debuts in Seattle

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Photo: Mazur/WireImage

After a record-breaking run in Australia, Pink imported her Funhouse tour to the States, bringing a show filled with razzle-dazzle, covers and stunts to Seattle’s Key Arena last night. Early on, she announced she had separated her shoulder, but was so excited about the performance she didn’t consider canceling, adding, “And the louder you cheer the less pain I feel!” Perhaps as a result, she stayed on terra firma during “Sober” (in contrast to her high-flying performance last Sunday on the VMAs), but still couldn’t resist being airborne on occasion.

Get a look at Pink’s Funhouse: photos from her eye-popping tour.

The show began with a short film that showed Pink racing down the freeway on a motorcycle to her own version of “Highway to Hell.” A circus strong man strode down the catwalk that extended into the audience and turned a large crank, releasing a trapeze that hoisted Pink into the air, the feathered orange trim of her jacket trailing behind her. As she swanned around the arena overhead, the curtains disappeared, revealing a stage looking as if the amusement park rides from the Seattle Center grounds had been dropped on it, dripping with lights, clowns and showgirls cavorting among the musicians.

In a show where the pacing never flagged, there were costume changes galore. During “U & UR Hand,” everyone was clad in fetish gear, while for “So What” the dancers romped around in their underwear, whacking each other with pillows, and gradually stripping the hunky man Pink had earlier fondled during a steamy “Fingers.” By the end of “So What,” Pink’s would-be paramour was tied spread-eagled on a bed, Pink sitting on top of him as the lights faded to black. Later, kicking her way throug...

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