New Reviews: Pearl Jam, Sean Kingston, Girls and Mika

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Riding on the backs of classic rock riffs and pile-driving guitar solos, Pearl Jam’s ninth studio album Backspacer leads this week’s charge of New Reviews. Working with producer Brendan O’Brien for the first time since 1998’s Yield, the Seattle quintet pumped out their leanest, shortest and punkiest LP yet, with 11 tightly wound songs needing only 37 minutes to unfurl. “Eddie Vedder’s heart-on-fire vocals are the main attraction, as always,” Rob Sheffield writes in his four-star review. “He seems relieved not to have to go on singing about George Bush, and he loosens up enough to share his guarded optimism in the new songs.” Highlights include Backspacer’s breakneck opening three songs “Gonna See My Friend,” “Got Some” and first single “The Fixer,” plus the reflective “Just Breath.” Backspacer is a Target exclusive, so head there — or iTunes or your local indie store — to pick up your copy.

Reggae-pop charmer and “Stand By Me” interpolator Sean Kingston releases his second outing Tomorrow today. Kingston has gone from cuddly classicism on his debut album to hip-hop manliness on his second disc, thanks in part to production from J.R. Rotem and RedOne. “For the most part — despite Auto-Tuned slow songs — Kingston’s mix of young-adult desire and disco heat shows he can cross over in unexpected directions,” Jon Dolan writes in Rolling Stone’s three-star review.

Two more albums out this week should be on your radar: Girls’ Album, a set of gorgeously sun-soaked California-bred songs from a singer who escaped from the Children of God cult as a teenager. Album earned a three-and-a-half star review from RS. Also, Mika’s back with his Elton John/Queen-style pop stomp with his second album The B...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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