New Radiohead Song “These Are My Twisted Words” Leaks

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A purported new Radiohead song called “These Are My Twisted Words” mysteriously hit the Web yesterday. Fansite Atease was first to discover the song, which spread like wildfire throughout the night. The source of the song is unclear, but judging by the video below, the track is unmistakably Radiohead, as Thom Yorke’s trademark croon emerges after two and a half minutes of Krautrock build-up that echo In Rainbows‘ “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.” Radiohead have not yet commented on the song.

It’s previously been reported that Yorke would be contributing a song called “New Moon” to the Twilight sequel of the same name, but this song is unlike Yorke’s previous solo work like The Eraser. The cryptic text that accompanied the original download suggests the song was a Radiohead track and not Yorke solo, and the track is not “The Present Tense” that Yorke debuted during his solo set at the Latitude Festival last month.

Until the band speaks up (Rolling Stone has reached out for comment), fans have been left to speculate about the origins of the track, and one of the most popular theories on Atease is that “These Are My Twisted Words” is the first song off an upcoming EP called Wall of Ice. The evidence? In the large ASCII art file (courtesy of Atease) that accompanied the track, the phrase “wall of ice” is referenced twice: once in the seemingly Yorke-penned prose accompanying the ASCII art and once again, in large letters, in the artwork itself. The file also boasts a release date of “2009-08-17,” so either “Twisted Words” came from the future or August 17th carries some significance.

The song’s discovery comes just days after Yorke told The Believer in a recent interview that it was unlikely R...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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