New Music Report: Serengeti

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This week in the New Music Report, Rolling Stone contributing editor Christian Hoard presents a new segment of “Christian Rock,” where Hoard shines the spotlight on one of his latest favorite under-the-radar artists that have nothing to do with Christian music (yes, we read the comments). This week, Hoard focuses on Chicago rapper Serengeti, an ultra-prolific rapper — 12 albums in the past three-and-a-half years — who makes rapping about his native city an art form.

Hoard’s been spinning Serengeti’s Dennehy (Lights, Camera, Action!) obsessively in recent weeks, and it’s an album ripe with Windy City references, memorable quotes and slow-funk beats. It’s like a hip-hop version of Sufjan Stevens’ Illnois. Dennehy is a concept album about an over-the-hill dude named Kenny — think one of SNL’s Da Bears guys — and his friendship with a young, bummed-out rapper who mirrors Serengeti himself.

The result is a comical, conversational LP that features everything from Kenny’s obsession with actor Brian Dennehy (thus the album name) to a drunken chorus solely featuring the name “Ozzie Guillen” (the manager of the Chicago White Sox). The album really needs to be heard to be believed. For more on Serengeti, check out the latest installation of “Christian Rock” above.

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