New Music Report: Golden Silvers

August 12th, 2009 by Rolling Stone Leave a reply »

Christian’s Hoard’s best new music pick for the week — a little thing we call “Christian Rock” in the New Music Report — is Golden Silvers. These stylishly underfed guys are Hoard’s new favorite English band. On True Romance, they hearken back to new wave, but rather than grab from jittery post-punk, Golden Silvers look more to white soul, busting out harmonies and loads of warm keyboards. Their album does include a post-punk rocker (”Shakes”) and a piano ballad (”Fade to Black”), but overall they exude a suavely romantic quality that helps the album sound fresh. Plus, they may be the only non-emo band around who can get away with the line “Wouldn’t it be sweet if you died from a broken heart.” Hear some of their tunes, including “True Romance (No. 9 Blues)” in our video, above.

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