Madonna and Lil Wayne Shoot It Out in New Song “Revolver”

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Madonna and Lil Wayne’s collabo “Revolver,” the second exclusive new track from the Material Girl’s career-spanning Celebration, leaked in high quality yesterday, roughly two weeks before the collection is released on September 29th. The track had previously appeared in May as a demo recording, but this cleaned-up version with its sirenesque synths is more befitting of the Queen of Pop. The song shares its name with the same titular firearm as Wayne’s supposed Rebirth track “Hot Revolver,” but that’s where the similarities end. “Revolver” sounds more like Britney Spears’ “Radar” than Tha Carter 3.

“My love’s a revolver, my sex is a killer, do you wanna die happy?” Madonna sings in the chorus. Weezy continues the barrage of ammunition references during his brief cameo toward the end of the song, rapping “My love-using weapon, and yes I use it well. Then I let the rose petals cover up the bullet shells. I never shoot and tell, I only shoot to kill. And the vest ain’t gonna help it even if you’re laying still.” Sadly, those two lines represent half of Wayne’s entire appearance. It’s as fleeting as a cameo as you can make, but it’s Madonna’s show on what’s probably the most violent love song ever.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, Celebration also boasts the Paul Oakenfold-produced first single “Celebration.” “Revolver” will only be available on the double-disc edition of Madonna’s latest greatest-hits collection, but as this collection spans Madonna’s entire Warner Bros. career, the two-CD is the better investment. The Celebration digital release will also feature another new track called “It’s So Cool,” but that song hasn’t surfaced yet.

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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