Lil Wayne, Eminem’s Chaotic “Drop the World” Video Debuts

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Barring any more courthouse surprises, Lil Wayne is expected to finally begin serving his one-year sentence behind bars starting today. Before he heads to New York’s Riker’s Island, however, Weezy had one more going-away present for fans: his latest video off the rap-rock disc Rebirth, “Drop the World” with guest Eminem. The video was originally scheduled to premiere on MTV on March 11th, but the Internet unofficially debuted the Chris Robinson-directed clip a week early.

With its chorus “I’mma pick the world up and I’mma drop it on your fucking head,” it makes sense that the theme of the video is pure destruction. Warriors-like mobs flood urban alleyways pulverizing everything in sight for no clear reason, with Weezy F. Baby rapping unscathed in the middle of the chaos. Eminem joins the melee two-thirds of the way in to rap side-by-side with Wayne. The video ends with the entire world aflame, adding “Drop the World” to the growing number of post-apocalyptic videos to premiere in the last half year, like Jay-Z’s “Run This Town,” the Black Eyed Peas’ “Imma Be Rocking that Body” and Adam Lambert’s “Time for Miracles.”

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Even though Weezy will be spending the next year in prison, this will hardly be the last video we see featuring the multiplatinum star in the next 365 days. As Rolling Stone reported in our “Lil Wayne Goes to Jail” cover story, Wayne has filmed anywhere between 10 to 20 videos in front of a green screen in anticipation of his time away — including one for his guest spot on Drake’s Thank Me Later — ensuring we’ll have plenty of Tha Carter during his prison stint. We’re willing to bet the “Listen to Lil Wayne” shirt Weezy wears in the clip also becomes a popular fashion statement while the r...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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