Justin Bieber Sings, Acts and Woos Tina Fey in ‘SNL’ Debut

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Justin Bieber brought My World 2.0 to Saturday Night Live this weekend, rewarding his young fans for staying up past their bedtimes by not only performing two songs but also making his live acting debut in a few skits. Bieber first hit the stage during host Tina Fey’s opening monologue, assisting the SNL alum and Date Night star in a sing-along of “I’m Every Woman.” The Bieber-Fey love-fest continued throughout the night — Biebs even name-checked Fey at the tail end of “U Smile” — but the May-December romance really hit its uncomfortable peak in a sketch called “Teacher,” which you can watch above.

Fey plays a high school teacher who has difficulty suppressing her attraction to Bieber, a student named Jason Deeps who she hilariously compares to a “dreamy Christmas elf.” The bit starts off shaky as Bieber is obviously reading his lines off his returned test paper, but when it comes time for the Canadian crooner to burst into song during Fey’s dream sequences, he’s right at home on live TV. Alas, his character doesn’t share his teacher’s infatuation and leaves the classroom threatening to hire Gloria Allred to represent him.

Bieber’s second skit once again cast him in a high school scene, this time at a dance where he finds love with a gawky girl who adores her mother as much as his nerdy character admires his own father. Between the sketches, Bieber performed a pair of My World 2.0 tracks, “Baby” and “U Smile,” and he even handled Ludacris’ guest rap verse in the former. It was a big night for Bieber, who tweeted his appreciation when the show wrapped up: “Will never forget 2nite. It was INCREDIBLE!! Thank u for the opportunity and thanks to everyone at SNL and Tina Fey for just being fun.”

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