Green Day Revive Foxboro Hot Tubs for Surprise London Show

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Photo: Nozu/FilmMagic
Green Day waited until November 1st to celebrate Halloween, taking on their alternate identity — garage band Foxboro Hot Tubs — for a secret late-night show in London. The performance at the small Garage venue came just hours after Green Day’s final official U.K. concert at the city’s Wembley Stadium. For the Foxboro Hot Tubs show, the 21st Century Breakdown crew rifled through their entire album Stop, Drop and Roll and loaded Green Day rarities and covers into the two-hour set, NME reports.

On the road with Green Day: shots of the band goofing off behind the scenes.

The Reverend Strychnine Twitch, or Billie Joe Armstrong as he’s usually called, first alerted fans to the surprise show on the Green Day Website earlier yesterday. The band then posted a photo of themselves in their Foxboro garb on their Twitter page. According to NME, in addition to playing Foxboro’s entire 2008 debut album, the band also unearthed the Warning rarity “Blood, Sex and Booze” plus a track called “Supermodel Robots” from another surreptitious Green Day side project, the Network.

Keeping with the trick-or-treat spirit, after exhausting that initial cavalcade of songs, the band next performed the title song “Stop, Drop and Roll” four more times consecutively, claiming each time they’d played it better than before. The band then launched into covers of songs by the Who (”A Quick One, While He’s Away” and “My Generation,” which Green Day covered on their 1990 Sweet Children EP), the Ramones (”Blitzkrieg Bop”) and Chuck Berry (”Johnny B. Goode”) before ending the performance with a sixth rendition of — you guess it, “Stop, Drop and Roll.”

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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