Erykah Badu Fined For Indecency Over Nude “Window Seat” Video

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Erykah Badu’s nude stroll through Dallas for her low-budget “Window Seat” video will end up costing the singer $500 in fines. One unsuspecting witness of the guerrilla video shoot filed an indecency complaint against Badu, claiming “she and her two small children were offended” by Badu’s actions, the Dallas Morning News reports. That one complaint was all the Dallas police needed to issue a disorderly conduct citation against Badu, which Deputy Chief Mike Genovesi says will be delivered to the singer next week.

As Rolling Stone reported this morning, while no one called the cops during the video shoot, Dallas police were actively seeking for witnesses to step forward and file a formal complaint against Badu in order to press some sort of charges and, in the longer term, use Badu’s actions to springboard overall changes in Dallas’ stance of “no permit necessary” for video shoots in the city. When Badu is given the citation, it’ll be a Class C misdemeanor — the Dallas Morning News compares it to a traffic ticket — and result in a $500 fine. “None of this would have occurred had she stayed clothed,” Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway told reporters.

The $500 was likely worth it for Badu: “Window Seat” exploded virally the same week the singer’s New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ahnk hit stores — even Caraway admits being a fan of “Window Seat,” the song — and Badu inspired Rolling Stone to look back at other NSFW classics with A Short History of Nude Music Videos. For more on this week’s “Window Seat” drama, click below:

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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