Eminem Throws a “DJ Hero” Challenge at Jazzy Jeff

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One of the year’s most-anticipated music video games, DJ Hero, spins onto shelves today, and as Rolling Stone previously reported, Eminem and Jay-Z are lending their names to the game’s Renegade Edition, which features a special turntable and a compilation of songs by Em and Jigga. As we learn in the above video, however, Eminem isn’t just endorsing DJ Hero — he’s kind of obsessed with it.

“The cool thing about DJ Hero is that the music is part of the video game itself,” Eminem said of the game. “As soon as I master it, it’s going to be fun, because then I’ll gonna get my ass in the studio and I’m gonna start learning how to scratch. And then at live shows, I’ll be my own DJ, run up in the booth, throw the record on, run down and rap.” As RS wrote this morning, Jay-Z told us he’s also been inspired by the game. “I think after a year with DJ Hero I’m gonna start DJing parties like Q-Tip and all them,” Jigga said. “Then I’m gonna find out who makes the most as a DJ. I’m gonna charge double. I’m gonna tour bar mitzvahs, weddings…”

Check out rock-star game avatars from Kurt Cobain to Daft Punk.

And battle-ready Slim Shady is issuing a challenge to one of the game’s most noteworthy avatars. “I’m gonna be better at this game than Jazzy Jeff, by the way,” Eminem says. “And if ever he wants to come here and set up his turntables against me… give me a couple years, but, you know, I’m going to better than him at this game.”

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