Drake Tells Fans to Bring “Open Mind” to “Away From Home” Tour

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Last year, Drake got his big break opening for Lil Wayne after returning from his own So Far Gone tour, where he rocked the mike at universities and small colleges across the country. This year, though, he’s the main act on “The Away From Home” trek. But he’s in no rush to move on to arenas and amphitheaters just yet — 2010’s most buzzed-out MC wants to revisit the cities and venues that helped make him 2009’s breakout star. “I loved the intimate experience,” he says about his previous tour. “I’m kind of scared of that day when I got to do like 15,000 people. I don’t know, there’s just no way for me to look them in the eyes and make them all feel important.”

To keep the ambiance going, Drake will incorporate a live band into his set. With hand-picked opening acts Francis and the Lights and K-Os, he’s hoping to recreate the vibe of his introductory shows.”It’s a musical experience, it’s about a mood,” he says. “Woman can come out and feel sexy. It’s gonna be good.

“I picked the show that I would be at, you know?” Drake adds. “I don’t know how people are gonna receive it. I hope that they come to my tour with an open mind, because it’s not me and Pleasure P and Trey Songz. It’s not what people would necessarily expect. It’s not the tour that’s based around hip-hop or R&B music. To me it’s based around refreshing sounds.”

The 23-city tour kicks off April 6th at Eastern Illinois University and runs through May 8th, where the trip concludes in Plymouth, New Hampshire. After that, he’ll prep the release his highly anticipated debut, Thank Me Later, which is tentatively slated to arrive May 25th. Drake took to his personal blog on Wednesday ...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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