David Bowie to “Dance” as “LEGO Rock Band” Avatar

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David Bowie will join his Lust for Life cohort Iggy Pop as an avatar in the upcoming LEGO Rock Band game, the singer’s official Website writes. An oval-headed, clasp-handed and all-around polygonal version of the Thin White Duke will appear in the game when the player performs Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” It was previously revealed that a bare-chested, LEGO-ified Pop will sing “The Passenger” in the family-friendly version of the Rock Band franchise, as well as provide tutorials for the amateur rockers playing at home. The Guardian has footage of LEGO Bowie in LRB, and sadly, this is likely the closest we’ll get toward seeing David Bowie performing onstage any time soon.

While Bowie’s avatar doesn’t exactly share the same spot-on features of Cobain’s Guitar Hero 5 character, LEGO Bowie does sport the original’s trademark blonde ‘do and the undone bowtie-and-white jacket ensemble that Bowie was wearing during the Let’s Dance era, as evidenced by the “Modern Love” single. It’s hard to tell by the video of Bowie performing “Let’s Dance” on the Guardian site, but LEGO Bowie has one blue eye and one brown eye, which is slightly inaccurate (Bowie has two blue eyes, but one of the eyes has its iris open wide at all times, making it look brown).

As Rolling Stone previously reported, Courtney Love came under fire after it was revealed that Guitar Hero 5 made it possible for the Cobain avatar to sing along with Bon Jovi and Bush. It’s unclear whether LEGO Bowie will be able to sing the other artists’ songs in the game, including T. Rex, Jackson 5, Blur, Pink and Counting Crows, to name a few of the really strange possibilities (also, the “Ghostbusters” theme!).LEGO Rock Band will hit all gaming platforms around November 10th.


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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