Daft Punk Bring Exclusive Mixes, Mash-Ups and Masks To “DJ Hero”

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Having already locked up endorsements from two of the biggest names in hip-hop — Jay-Z and Eminem — the makers of the upcoming music video game DJ Hero turned their attention to recruiting some of electronic music’s stars. Mission accomplished: Daft Punk will bring their trademark beats, disguises and awesome set designs to DJ Hero (due October 27th), along with 11 exclusive mixes that merge the French duo’s biggest songs with tracks by Queen, No Doubt and Young MC. DJ Hero also marks the first time the mysterious Daft Punk have aligned themselves with a video game.

DJ Hero have meticulously digitally reproduced the robotic onstage alter egos of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, allowing gamers to assume Daft Punk’s identity while playing in a special venue that mirrors the duo’s recent stage show and lighting. “It’s the next best thing to being at a Daft Punk concert,” said Tim Riley, Activision’s VP of Music Affairs.

Having already received mixes from DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the late DJ AM, DJ Hero got in touch with Daft Punk, who won a pair of Grammys this year and performed alongside Kanye West at the 2008 Grammy Awards. “They are known to be selective about the projects they get involved with and being able to partner with them in this way is a rare opportunity we are honored to have,” Riley added. “From the mixes featuring their music, to their character models and the amazing Daft Punk inspired venue, the guys have been meticulously involved every step of the way.”

Among the 11 exclusive mixes Daft Punk contributed is a mash-up of their “Technologic” with Gary Numan’s “Cars” (it’s safe to assume Trent Reznor will be rocking that one) and a remix of “Around the W...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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