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Who: Christofer Drew, a 19-year-old Missouri native whose lovelorn tracks, soft, high voice (and Pete Wentz-style skinny jeans) are making underage girls swoon. He was signed by Warner Bros. after being discovered on MySpace and releasing three EPs, and his first disc What Is Love? debuted at Number 24 on the Top 200.

Sounds Like: The tunes on Drew’s full-length (which he cut with producer Butch Walker) blend emo and folk into airy, heartbroken acoustic tracks like “Jane Doe” (where he crushes on pretty waitresses) and “Can’t Stand It” (where he gushes about girls who are “superduper cute”).

Vital Stats:

• Drew’s original aspirations weren’t musical, but athletic: his dad was grooming him to be a tennis pro, but a shoulder injury made him focus on the Bob Dylan tunes his father taught him on guitar. At 14 he wrote his first song after his best friend ditched him for a girl.

• Another heartbreak — his girlfriend cheated on him — set off a rough patch for Drew. He dropped out of high school, got kicked out of his parents’ house and road-tripped across the Midwest playing coffee shops and churches where “There were, like, 20 kids at each show. But I’d make $50 — enough for gas to the next place.”

• Drew says he recently got into Taoism after reading The Tao of Pooh, and he strives to live the simple life. “I like to go to Waffle House and read, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day,” he says. “I’m trying to be artistic.”

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