Axl Rose Refutes Rumors, Announces New Manager in Supersize Tweet

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Axl Rose never banned Slash-related clothing from the Chinese Democracy tour, smells better than you, and didn’t go on late at a tiny private gig in New York earlier this week: those are just a few of the things the Guns n’ Roses frontman gets off his chest in a 766-word tweet that takes aim at “mean spirited aholes” (journalists) and announces the band is under new management.

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Rose starts off by enthusiastically recounting Guns n’ Roses’ two surprise shows — one at John Varvatos’ store and one at the Rose Bar — during New York’s Fashion Week (”Fuck!! The NY shows were insane!! Love the free form laid back vibe n’ both were completely different from r view”).

He then takes care of a little business, announcing he’s now working with Doc McGhee, Kiss’ manager since 1996 and the man credited with helping artists like Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe and Hootie & the Blowfish rise to fame. Rose recently split with Irving Azoff, the high-powered manager he hired in May 2008 to help launch Chinese Democracy.

Next, Rose — who obviously keeps detailed notes on what’s written about him — addressed the numerous rumors that have surrounded the band in recent months in a jaunty, conversational tone. “Some just like 2 bitch 2 bitch. So if ur complainin’ n’ u drink beer, today I recommend a Lucky or perhaps a Red Stripe…if ur still peeved…again, fuck off,” he wrote to those who complained hard-core fans couldn’t get in to the exclusive Fashion Week shows. The only topic he didn’t cover: the clash with a paparazzi photographer that threatened the band’s first gig in Taiwan last December.


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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