Anvil’s Story Rocks On: Band Hits the Studio, Nabs Slash for Book

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The improbable comeback story of Canadian metallists Anvil continues to get, well, more probable. On the strength of the much-talked-about Sacha Gervasi-directed rock doc Anvil! The Story of Anvil, the group — which is led by original members Lips (vocals/guitars) and Robb Reiner (drums) — will be opening a handful of U.S. stadium dates for AC/DC this summer via a personal invite from Angus Young (the tour blasted off last night — read our opening-night report here). And in addition to VH1 Classic Records reissuing their 2007 release, This is Thirteen on September 15th, a DVD version of Anvil! The Story of Anvil will arrive shortly thereafter.

It also turns out that the lads are currently re-recording several Anvil classics with producer Chris Tsangarides, which will be included on a forthcoming Anvil! soundtrack. “What happened was the label that owns the old material wanted so much money to license the songs, that it became ridiculous,” explains Lips. “In fact, it was far cheaper to go in and re-record in the same studio [Phase One], with the same producer, and re-do the songs. The new version of ‘Forged in Fire’ is amazing — I think the original version was played too fast. Remarkably, we’re getting a second chance to record the songs.”

Other freshly re-recorded tunes are “Winged Assassins,” “March of the Crabs,” and “School Love.” “It’s going to be a true Best of Anvil, in a way,” adds Reiner. These sessions also included the never-before-recorded “Thumb Hang,” which will be featured as a bonus track on the forthcoming This is Thirteen CD reissue. Also forthcoming will be an all-new studio album, Juggernaut of Justice, which has been completely written, but not yet recorded (for which Tsangarides may on...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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