“American Idol” Nixes Paige Miles as Miley, Joe Jonas Take the Stage

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Photo: Becker/FOX
Tuesday night, the dominant judges’ critique on American Idol was that the songs were too old. With all the Hot 100 Number Ones to pick, the 11 remaining contestants selected tracks from 1967 through 1998 (with one Fergie ballad from the 2000s in the mix). So what did Idol producers pick for the dreaded group number, which was lip-synced so poorly it was clear nobody could remember the lyrics? Wham’s 1984 hit “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” This is why American Idol has lost its way.

But if the show skewed old in song choice, it went young — Disney young — with the special guests. Mentor Miley Cyrus impersonated Evanescence’s Amy Lee during a performance of her new track “When I Look at You.” Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato teamed for their duet “Make a Wave,” after which Ryan Seacrest made a crack about their romance that had the tweens screaming: “Good chemistry on the stage between these two, wouldn’t you say?” Good chance those kids didn’t get Seacrest’s Rob Zombie joke earlier in the episode, when he turned the camera on Siobhan Magnus’ bearded boss. Siobhan’s fans have evidently taken to dressing like zombies and calling themselves Siozombies. Sort of cute, sort of a really obvious attempt to show how “different” she is.” They’re no Glamberts.

The elimination went pretty much as planned: Katie Stevens, Tim Urban and Paige Miles landed in the bottom three, and Simon Cowell informed Miles she wouldn’t even have the opportunity to compete for the judges’ save: Her severely off-key “Against All Odds” made the judges decide in advance “It’s the end.” The remaining 10 singers have earned the right to tour on the American Idols Live tour next summer. Next week: Usher will guide the...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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