“American Idol” Finds Its Lady Lambert on Rolling Stones Night

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American Idol is definitely reeling from the loss of queen of kook Paula Abdul — see Rob Sheffield’s excellent Post-Paula Depression for a full explanation — but the show is also lacking something it didn’t even have until last season: breakout sensation Adam Lambert. Say what you will about his post-Season Eight career, for a few months in ‘09, Glambert was the reason people tuned in to Idol on Tuesdays (to see what he’d sing) and Wednesdays (to see what he’d wear while someone else got sent home).

This season has gotten off to a rocky start as the show acclimates new judge Ellen DeGeneres — who has yet to bring enough levity to the judges table to balance her lack of musical expertise — and prepares to say farewell to Simon Cowell, who remains the only voice of reason (sorry, Kara DioGuardi, you lost that mantle when you gushed over Casey James’ flowing blond locks). During last week’s cuts before the Top 12 was named, we lost awesome contestant Lilly Scott, who had the potential to bring some real quirky diversity to the finals. But Rock Daily remained hopeful that Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox could keep things interesting. And Magnus did just that during last night’s Rolling Stones week sing-off, whipping out a note that can be described as Lambert-esque on “Paint It Black” (did you notice she started on the staircase?), proving she can be fearless and imaginative, too. She — and her dad who resembles an amalgam of all the members of AC/DC — is clearly one to watch this season; as for the rest:

Ones to Watch:

• Didi Benami brought an appealing creepy acid-wash vibe to “Play With Fire” that had Randy Jackson making a requisite lame fire pun and Simon praising the “cool choice.”

• Do not mistake clean-cut youngster Aaron Kelly for a Clay Aiken retread: the teen scored with an intensely focused ve...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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