Why Denis Leary Has Trouble Keeping His Pants On During Celtics Games: Fall TV Bonus

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Rescue Me star Denis Leary paid homage to Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock in our new issue’s Fall TV Preview, but his true TV passion is the Boston Red Sox. Check out his testimonial — including his unusual Celtics ritual:

“To be dead honest with you, right now I would have to say the next month is going to be about the Red Sox and Yankees on TV — if the Red Sox stay in the race. This is what I do — I’m getting ready to start Rescue Me and I’m writing episodes right now, so I turn the computer on and I write with the sound off, and if something horrible happens to the Red Sox I get really into the scene that I’m writing, and if something great happens I stop writing and turn the sound up. It’s fucking torture.

The first time they won in 2004, my son and I had to stay in the same seating position because when they won game four against the Yankees, we were in a certain configuration. So we stayed that way for the next three games and then we had to stay that way for the World Series, you know, just because. I spent most of my life waiting for them to win, so now, I can sit wherever I want.

I can get pretty creative with my cursing during a game. I curse at a 52-year-old level but I’m like a 12 year old. I go up to the screen and give it the finger, I go up to the screen and point at the faces that I hate. In the old days there was a rule that was called the ‘dick on rule.’ Myself, Collin Quinn, Lenny Clarke and [David Letterman’s] Eddie Brill, we are all the same age. We would watch Celtics games, Bruin games, Red Sox games, but particularly the Celtics at that time in the ’80s. But the ‘dick on rule’ was if the Celtics were playing the Detroit Pistons, whenever Bill Laimbeer’s face was shown in close-up, somebody had to run up the scre...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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