Weezer Say Lil Wayne “Tapped Into the Spirit” of “Raditude” Track

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Wondering exactly how Weezer met Weezy on record? Rivers Cuomo is opening up about his band’s collaboration with Lil Wayne, telling Pitchfork how Tha Carter III MC “really tapped into the spirit of the song.” As Rolling Stone previously reported, Cuomo recruited Wayne to lend a verse to the R&B-flavored, Jermaine Dupri-produced Raditude track “Can’t Stop Partying”.

“The first time I really became aware of [Lil Wayne] was when he worked the Ninja Turtles into the [Tha Carter III bonus track] ‘Kush,’ ” Cuomo said, reciting the lyrics, “‘I feel like I’m racing a bunch of little turtles/ Keep a bandana like the Ninja Turtles.’ First of all, he rhymes ‘turtles’ with ‘turtles,’ which is crazy! Second, he pronounces ‘turtles’ with this real hard ‘R’ so he sounds super nerdy, which is something you don’t often hear from black rappers. Third, he references the Ninja Turtles! That’s another thing you don’t often hear.”

Cuomo added that Wayne recorded his verse separately, and that Weezy and Weezer have yet to cross paths. “He sounds like he’s totally insane, and not just for the sake of sounding crazy. He’s not trying to sound ghetto or gangsta or intellectual. he’s just very natural and weird,” Cuomo tells Pitchfork of Wayne’s appearance on the dictionary-defying Raditude. “He really tapped into the spirit of the song, which I really struggled with at first… He’s rapping about how you can’t stop mixing drugs and alcohol, but there are a few words he chooses which are surprising and suggest a terrible end to the party. The last line is: ‘I hope the killer doesn’t take the life of the party.’ ”

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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