Wanye Coyne ShamWows Us With Flaming Lips’ Furry “Embryonic”

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Right after All Tomorrow’s Parties, Flaming Lips leader Wayne Coyne channeled his inner pitchman and recorded an infomercial for one of the furrier packaging options the band is exploring for their upcoming double album Embryonic, which comes out “sometime in the second week of October,” Coyne says. (Psst… Wayne, it’s out October 13th.) While the pelt-heavy packaging makes it seem like copies of Embryonic should be accompanied by a rabies shot, Coyne insists the fur is fake. “That’d be horrible if that were real fur. It’d be like we killed 60,000 chinchillas just for a Flaming Lips album to be made,” Coyne says (watch the clip, above).

Embryonic — which could hypothetically fit on a single disc but would then lose the allure of the storied double album like The Wall and The White Album — was the result of numerous jam sessions at the Lip Steven Drozd’s studio in Oklahoma City. “We got kind of caught up in and kind of inspired and energized by these weird jams that we were doing and sort of encouraged to turn them into more songs sort of things,” Coyne tells RS. “And a lot of them turned out better and stranger and more interesting than some of the songs that we had written.” So far, we’ve heard tracks like “See The Leaves,” and we’re genuinely excited by the Lips’ dark-and-proggy new direction.

If you can’t wait until October 13th to hear Embryonic, you won’t have to, thanks to recent Rolling Stone cover star Stephen Colbert. Wayne Coyne will appear on tonight’s episode of The Colbert Report to discuss the new album, and following the broadcast, Embryonic will be streamed until Monday, September 21st . Check out Colbert Nation tonight for the stream, and stop by the Flaming Lips Website ...

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