Tokio Hotel’s Album Cover and “Humanoid” Single: Sneak Peek

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Germany’s hottest musical export Tokio Hotel return October 6th with new album Humanoid, the follow-up to their 2007 English language debut Scream. The band — which features brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz — teamed once again with producer David Jost. Scream was an English version of songs culled from Tokio Hotel’s German albums, so the long gap between sessions proved inspirational for the band, and singer Bill Kaulitz says there’s more experimentation this time around.

“At the end of this track we got rid of all the normal song structures,” Kaulitz said. “Humanoid has so many different parts and melodies, it’s a weird journey that might be a little confusing at the beginning, but we can’t wait to play it live.” That new direction is evident in our exclusive excerpt of the title track “Humanoid,” where Bill Kaulitz shifts melodies a handful of times over a cascade of revved-up guitars. The almost-disembodied vocals and the more metallic sound of Tokio Hotel do give the music a “humanoid” feel.

Hear a sample of the track here:

Jost adds that the brothers took on a larger role and a more hands-on approach in the studio for Humanoid. “For the first time, Bill and Tom have co-produced a majority of the tracks on the new album,” Jost said. “A lot of things in the studio happened intuitively, although Bill and Tom had a very clear vision of how the tracks should sound production wise in the end.”

Up top is the cover for Humanoid, which looks like a concoction of Terminator, Brain Salad Surgery and Bill Kaulitz all bundled into one humanoid. Tokio Hotel sat down with Rolling Stone last year for a video interview, where the Kaulitz boys discussed Scream and David Hasselhoff’s spell over their homeland, plus t...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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