Thom Yorke Travels to Copenhagen For Climate Summit

December 17th, 2009 by Daniel Kreps Leave a reply »

Thom Yorke has frequently posted on Radiohead’s Dead Air Space the past weeks about the Copenhagen Climate Summit going on now in Denmark. Not satisfied with simply bringing attention to the summit, the singer of Rolling Stone’s Number One Album of the 2000s decided to make a surprise voyage over to Copenhagen to witness the talks himself. Watch above (via AtEase) as Yorke talks about his climate concerns and what his hopes for the summit are. Yorke is actually attending the summit with a press badge, so the above video represents one of those rare instances where reporters are interviewing a much more famous reporter, a member of the press who was recently named among RS‘ Artists of the Decade in our current issue. Yorke will also reportedly talk on the Age of Stupid Website at some point today.

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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