The Man on the “Moon”: Q&A With “Twilight Saga” Director Weitz

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Rolling Stone witnessed the awe-inspiring power of Twilight last year, when we dared to ask whose fans were more passionate: those of Robert Pattinson or the Jonas Brothers? Then we dropped a Q&A with Pattinson that had Twihards going … Twiberserk?

With the follow-up flick The Twilight Saga: New Moon out this week, we caught up with the sequel’s director Chris Weitz, who’s well known in these parts for his adaptations of The Golden Compass and About a Boy. Weitz opened up about the movie’s wildest stunts, satisfying those ravenous Team Edward fans and scenes you won’t find in Stephenie Meyer’s original book. Check it out here:

• The Man on the “Moon”: Q&A With “Twilight Saga” Director Chris Weitz


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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