Single Minded: Snoop Covers Jay-Z, Devendra Remixes Phoenix

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Snoop Dogg feat. Alicia Keys, “Snoop State of Mind” [Jay-Z Cover/Rework]
If someone had suggested, 15 or so years ago, the possibility of Snoop singing a song extolling the virtues of the East Coast, that individual would have been either ridiculed or pummeled. It would be like suggesting the possibility of ODB recording an anti-drug PSA.

ODB, “Say No” [Unreleased]
Oh, snap.

JJ, “Baby” [Lorentz & M. Sakarias Cover]
What happens when an ethereal Swedish pop band gets a hold of an unctuous Swedish rap song? They cut out the rapping entirely, salvage the hook and turn the whole thing into something soothing and sublime. Can JJ pull this trick with other obnoxious rappers? If so, we’ve got a case of Asher Roth albums and enough postage to cover the air mail.

Phoenix, “Rome” [Neighbors & Devendra Banhart Remix]
We’ll confess, the phrase “Devendra Banhart Remix” didn’t make us especially optimistic. But this reworking of Phoenix’s “Rome” is gentle enough to suggest Banhart may have a few more tricks in his beard. Along with that tire iron, ham sandwich and small family of field mice.

Numero Group’s Eccentric Soul Revue, “Devestator” [Live]
First off, if you’re not familiar with the Numero Group, you need to change that situation immediately. A consistently inspiring label dedicated mostly to reissuing lost R&B classics, it recently launched the Eccentric Soul Revue — thrilling spectacles showcasing shoulda-been superstars. The tour wraps up tonight in New York, and this sizzling live track gives a good glimpse of the punch it will pack.


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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