Single Minded: Shakira Remixes, The Roots With Ornette Coleman

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Photo: DeCaux/FilmMagic

Shakira, “She Wolf” [Various Remixes]
As if the original didn’t sound like an MGMT song, here are a pair of remixes that up chic factor of this song by several degrees. And has there ever been a pop song to use the word “lycanthropy” before this one? Not even Warren Zevon pulled that trick off.

Friendly Fires vs. M83, “We Own the Paris Sky” [Achilles Dirty Sexy Smash]
OK, so it’s not quite as sexy as the Shakira remixes. But this meeting of quasi-dance sensations M83 and Friendly Fires has a kind of sleek coolness that makes it impossible to resist. They’re Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink. You want to hate them for that pastel jacket and that haircut. And yet.

The Roots with Ornette Coleman, Live in London June 2009 [Live]
OK, honestly? At this point, we’re running a theory that there are like six different incarnations of the Roots. One of them stays in New York to play on Jimmy Fallon’s show. One of them goes on the road. One of them is overseas to perform gigs like this one, with Ornette Coleman. The only thing we don’t understand is how ?uestlove manages to be in all of them.

Beach House & Celebration, “Billie Jean” [Live Cover]
We were going to hold off on any more Michael Jackson tributes, but we couldn’t resist this. Two Baltimore bands burn through the MJ classic, making the song’s soul surprisingly, charmingly square — this is R&B done by the math club, and it totally works.

Menya, “(So What) I Hook Up” [Kelly Clarkson Cover/Flip]
Is this a new trend? Not just covering songs, but reversing their meaning? Isn’t that the same premise as that SNL “Opposite Tribute Band” sketch? And if so, when can we expect “Tomorrow Always Knows”...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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