Single Minded: Muse, Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Pixies Get Remixed

December 18th, 2009 by J. Edward Keyes Leave a reply », “Knights of Cydonia” [The Integrals Remix]
The integrals bring out the disco at the center of Muse’s soaring art rock, turning “Knights” into a bleak and gritty electro stomper.

Radiohead, “Videotape” [Xaphoon's Dubstep Remix]
The loveliest song on In Rainbows gets even lovelier, thanks to a tripping backbeat and weird washes of synth.

Pixies, “Where Is My Mind?” [Bassnectar Remix]
Bassnectar reconfigures the Pixies’ dizzying original, bringing Black’s sneer even further to the fore and brightening the backdrop with pulsing rhythms.

Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” [Skrillex Remix]
Fast and furious, Gaga gets ramped up to 110mph and rushes furiously forward in this brash and bold remix.

Miike Snow, “Animal” [Mark Ronson Remix]
Snow in Jamaica — Ronson rethinks Snow’s original, taking it to the islands and getting clubbier and dubbier


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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