Single Minded: Michael Jackson Remixed, Phoenix Cover Air

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Michael Jackson, “Ain’t No Sunshine” [Benny Blanco Remix]
Blanco honors the King of Pop by completely reinventing him, working pinprick vocal samples into his jumpy, chaotic production. The accompanying video could almost function as a high-tech teaser for This is It!.

Phoenix, “Playground Love” [Air Cover]
Oui Oui: Frenchmen Phoenix tip a beret to their pop predecessors, turning out this cool and stately version of Air’s equally cool and stately “Playground Love.” Afterwards, the two bands shared baguettes and raved about Gerard Depardieu.

FM Belfast, “Lotus (Killing in the Name of)” [Rage Against the Machine Cover]
We’d kind of like to know what Rage thinks about this, so Tom Morello, if you’re reading, you know where to find us. As for us, we think this chilly reinvention of Rage’s classic protest anthem works just fine, even if its retro-chic synths make it sound like Lóa Hlín Hjálmtýsdóttir is protesting the villains in an old Activision game.

La Roux vs. the Knife, “Silent Bullet” [Mash-up]
There is also a mash-up of the Knife and “Paper Planes” on this page but, as good as that song is, can we all agree to be done with it for a little while? The Knife/La Roux cross-breed is better anyway, strangely soulful and icy at the same time. It’s like trying to get it on inside of a walk-in refrigerator.

Dirty Projectors, “When the World Comes to an End” [New Song Live]
So, you’re the Dirty Projectors, an indie band that a good number of people have heard of, but are by no means a household name. You’re performing on a national television program, ostensibly to promote your newest record. And so what do you do? You play a brand new song that’s not on the record. After they were done, Fallon interviewed Jude Law about a movie he hasn’t made yet, about a panda tha...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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