Single Minded: MGMT Cover the Clean, Madonna Meets Lady Gaga

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MGMT, “Anything Could Happen” [Clean Cover]
Well, this is a nice surprise: dance act du jour MGMT point their acolytes toward the past with this cover of a Kiwipop classic. Does this mean we should expect to see Kanye twittering about “Tally Ho” sometime within the next few weeks?

Robin Skouteris, “I Know You Want Love Celebration” [Madonna/Lady Gaga/Pitbull Mashup]
This is an insane sonic smorgasbord, mashing together the latest Madonna single with Lady Gaga and Pitbull. Theoretically, mashing up so many disparate elements shouldn’t work — it’s like a peanut butter and spaghetti sandwich — and yet it breezes by at such a furious pace you hardly have time to notice. Also, at some point Pitbull starts talking about a Roomba.

Rakim, “Holy Are You” [Live]
We wish we liked the song a little more, but what’s really worth watching here is the awkward interview. Although normally the only time they let rappers on a FOX show is when they have to defend themselves against ridiculous accusations, so this is probably a step in the right direction.

Amy Millan, “I Will Follow You into the Dark” [Death Cab for Cutie Cover]
Amy Millan turns Death Cab’s contemplation of death into a county song, finally giving its grim lyrics the appropriate sonic milieu.

Clivester “Just a Little More Religion” [David Guetta/R.E.M. Mashup]
Well, now we’ve heard it all. Clivester takes R.E.M. to the nightclub, and the result sounds strangely sadder than the original. Remember that Ultravox song “Dancing With Tears in My Eyes”? That’s what this is. That Clivester’s also spliced the two videos together for this post is a special kind of mind-blower.


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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