Single Minded: Marvin Gaye Meets Jay-Z, Britney Cover and More

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Marvin Gaye vs. Jay-Z, “Hello Brooklyn” & “Girls, Let’s Get it On” [Mashup]
What’s most remarkable about the first of these mashups is how mashing up “Hello Brooklyn” with “Sexual Healing” has the inadvertent side effect of actually making Lil Wayne sing on key! Without a vocoder!.

Yael Naim, “Toxic” [Britney Spears Cover]
French/Israeli singer/songwriter Yael Naim makes this timeless Britney jam sound like a lost Portishead song. Check out the ghostly choir that comes swooping in about halfway through — listen to the slow, sad xylophones. For the first time since its creation, “Toxic” actually lives up to its title.

The Cure vs. Lil Wayne, “Close to Me” [Vengeance Mashup]
Hearing Lil Wayne holler “YOUNG MONEY!” over the bassline to “Close to Me” is one of the weirder and more hilarious pop moments of this past week. Let’s hope this doesn’t give Robert Smith any ideas. Few things instill cold dread like the thought of the words “ft. Kid Cudi” on the back of the next Cure album.

Simian Mobile Disco feat. Beth Ditto, “Cruel Intentions” [Joker Remix]
The text of this song has nothing to do with Ryan Phillipe, which we find baffling, but Joker’s giddy, glitchy remix of Simian Mobile Disco’s original does have Beth Ditto, who trumps Ryan Phillipe even on an off day.

Damian Marley, “It Was Written” [Chasing Shadows Remix]
So we have to admit that we’re more than a little nervous about that Damian Marley/Nas collaboration. Welcome to Jamrock was damn-near perfect, but we’ve got to wonder, with Damian and Nas in the same studio, if both the productivity and creativity might be a bit, uh, blunted. W...

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