Single Minded: Lil Wayne Remixes, Fugazi’s Stage Banter, The Bravery Covers Fleet Foxes

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Photo: Legato/FilmMagic
Fugazi, Stage Banter [Stage Banter]
So, let’s be clear about something: Single Minded loves Fugazi. Loves. And hearing this stage banter — charming, confrontational, aggressive, passionate — just reminds us of all the reasons why.

Clare & the Reasons, “That’s All” [Genesis Cover]
This rules: Brooklyn chamber-pop crew Clare & the Reasons give “That’s All” the “Tusk” treatment, tricking it out with tubas and making it sound slinky and sinister.

The Bravery, “White Winter Hymnal” [Fleet Foxes Cover]
Ever wonder what it might be like if Fleet Foxes channeled A Flock of Seagulls instead of Crosby, Stills & Nash? Wonder no more!

Flying Lotus, Weezy [Lil Wayne Remixes]
At long last — deft beatmaster Lotus gives Wayne’s otherworldy rhymes the spaced-out rhythms they deserve.

Muse, “Feeling Good” [ ">Nina Simone Cover]
We were skeptical about this at first — how would Muse’s tendency for the anthemic suit this Simone charmer? But, give the boys credit — they pull it off in fine style.


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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