Single Minded: Lady Gaga’s H1N1 Remix, Beastie Boys Go Russian

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Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” [Chew Fu H1N1 Club Mix]
Are we really ready for mixes to be dubbed the “H1N1 mix”? Are we at that point yet? Last we checked, people still weren’t sure if they wanted to get the cure for that thing (see Corgan, Billy), let alone swivel their hips to it on the dance floor. Name aside, Chew Fu turns this track inside out, making it both sleek and superpowered. We anxiously await “Party in the USA (Ebola Mix).”

Beastie Boys, “Intergalactic” [Polymorphic Remix]
Polymorphic is a Russian DJ, and while the only MP3s we usually get from Russians cost 10 cents and are sold to us under a specious legal framework, this weird, warped reworking of (underrated!) Beastie Boys single “Intergalactic” enhances the fury of the original один-fold.

Sia, “Under the Milky Way” [Church Cover]
In the 21 years since this song was originally recorded, no one ever pondered this weird existential dilemma: earth? Yeah, it’s part of the milky way. And so if the protagonist of this song is “under” the milky way, where does that put them? Are they writing this song from some other parallel galaxy, where they’re getting dumped just like we do in our galaxy? So many questions.

Four Tet, “Iron Man” [Black Sabbath]
We pretty desperately want to play this for Ozzy, just to gauge the reaction. It’s a testament to the song’s infernal power that Four Tet can essentially turn it into “Sounds of Silence” and it still sounds badass.

Converge, “Locust Reign” [Live]
Because when a band that’s been around as long as Converge manages to remain as good as Converge, we have to, in some way, acknowledge. A recent story reports that, before shows, the band member...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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