Single Minded: Flaming Lips Do Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse,” More

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The Flaming Lips, “Eclipse” [Pink Floyd Cover]
Earlier this week, the Flaming Lips announced their intention to cover Dark Side of the Moon; this session at KCRW gives an indication of what the results might be like. Surprise, surprise: it’s spacey and languid and gorgeous, and Wayne Coyne’s trembling distant voice adds a welcome element of eerieness.

The Killers vs. La Roux, “Smile Like You’re Bulletproof” [Mashup]
Two ’80s obsessives meet head-on, and their shared aesthetic brings out the best in both songs — like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong combining to rid the world of the ghosts of mustachioed plumbers.

Shakira, “She-Wolf” [Pance Party Remix]
Talk about transformations! The original was spacey and synthy enough, but this remix somehow ups the ante, going deeper into digital, evolving steadily into a full-on Basement Jaxx freakout.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Heads Will Roll” [A-Trak Remix]
A-Trak busts the YYYs’ track down to the basics — a steady, throbbing bass beat, a few scattered synth hits and snatches of Karen O’s pained, peerless vocals. If great songs benefit this much from A-Trak’s minimalism, imagine what might happen if he were turned loose on a song that needed paring down. Can we lock him in a room with, say, the Spin Doctors discography for a weekend and see what he comes up with?

The Big Pink, “Dominos” [Switch Remix]
S-M thought the Big Pink’s original was going to be bigger, which explains why we write instead of gamble. Switch vivisects the track unapologetically, but the strange, squelching results are so fascinating it’s tough to complain much.


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