Nick Jonas Announces Album With Side Project, The Administration

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Anytime a band prefaces a blog post with “We Are Not Breaking Up,” fans immediately become concerned. However, the post bearing that title on the Jonas Brothers’ MySpace page carried only good news for fans of the power-pop trio: Nick Jonas will release a new album with his side project the Administration in early 2010. According to Nick, the album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, during a two-week span during which brother Kevin spent time with his fiancé and Joe went on vacation to Australia.

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Nick Jonas & the Administration are comprised of four musicians the Jonas Brothers had met and worked with before, Nick writes, describing the sound as ” ‘heart & soul,’ because the music that I make is from my heart, and the lyrics I write are from my soul.”

In 2004, “Nicholas Jonas,” as he was called then, also released a solo album before the Brothers were signed as a trio. When Rolling Stone hit the road with the group in the weeks leading up to their second RS cover story, we found that Nick had grown into his role of creative lead for the trio, to the point where his older siblings were calling him “Mr. President.”

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The Jonas Brothers are currently in the midst of a world tour that will wrap up November 26th in Paris. “We’ve said from the beginning of our career as the Jonas Brothers that anything we do outside of the group is a side project because you can’t break up brothers,” said Nick, who obviously never heard of Oasis or the Kinks. “My brothers are my biggest supporters, and were on the phone with me every day while I was in the studio asking how it was going...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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