New Music Report: Devendra Banhart, Plus Nirvana

November 4th, 2009 by Rolling Stone Leave a reply »

L.A. singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart has been saddled with responsibility for spearheading the freak-folk movement, but with each of his six albums that term has become an increasingly irrelevant way to describe his sound. Rolling Stone’s Kevin O’Donnell says that’s the case again on Banhart’s latest LP, What Will We Be, an eclectic LP that dips into lots of classic rock styles. He even warbles in a baritone that’s eerily reminiscent of Jim Morrison on “Rats.”

Next up, O’Donnell discusses Nirvana’s Live at Reading, an album that gets a must-needed official release after years of fuzzy fan bootlegging. The band was at the peak of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” mania in 1992 when they played the U.K.’s big fest, where they also debuted songs from In Utero.

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