Microsoft Unveils New Zune HD

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Microsoft has released their new Zune HD, a 3.3-inch touch-screen display device that will be the company’s newest combatant in its war with the dominant iPod touch. CNet has photos of the Zune HD, and the device is pretty eye-catching, with its somehow-sleeker-than-an-iPod design, metallic casing and stunning display screen. As Rock Daily previously reported, the Zune HD is hi-def for two reasons: First, it allows for listeners to access hi-def radio stations and second, it features a high definition output that allows it to transmit in 720p HD on a television.

Other new features on the Zune HD, according to CNet, include a more streamlined menu that allows users to access shuffle, repeat and favorites more conveniently, as well as an option to adjust the EQ of the music playing. There’s also a new “pins” feature that serves almost like a bookmark for tracks you want to listen to. As Rock Daily noted back in May, the Zune HD will also be able to tap into Microsoft’s XBox Live Marketplace.

The new Zune will also be the first product to make use of the Nvidia Tegra chip, which is essentially an entire computer’s worth of functions integrated on a single chip, which boosts battery life. But the coolest new feature on the Zune HD is that when you listen to an artist on the device, regardless of where you may have acquired the song, the Zune will slideshow photos and biographical information about the band.

Considering that there were reports that the Zune was on the verge of extinction a few months ago, Microsoft’s digital media device rebounds nicely from its rumored discontinuation. However, while the device will still have to compete against the iPod touch, another product is reportedly on the assembly line that challenges many of the features of the new Zune HD. According to CNet, the Samsung M1 will also carry the Nvidia Tegr...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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