Lil Wayne Unveils “On Fire” Video as “Rebirth” Disappears

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Unless you’re one of the 500 Amazon shoppers who erroneously received a copy of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, you likely aren’t holding a copy of the MC’s long-awaited rock-inspired album in your hands right now — and you won’t be anytime soon. Weezy’s Rebirth was postponed again and its new release date is unclear, but that hasn’t stopped the MC — who is expected to report to prison in approximately 30 days — from dropping another video from the LP.

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A new clip has arrived for “On Fire,” Rebirth’s recent single that, as Rolling Stone previously reported, borrows its hook from the Scarface soundtrack’s “She’s On Fire.” The video, which appears to have been filmed during the same photo shoot that generated the Rebirth cover, was directed by Chris Robinson, according to Nah Right.

Weezy’s performance in the video isn’t exactly Oscar-worthy — he does a lot of guitar hoisting, but not much guitar playing. After an opening sequence that sees Wayne getting ready to rock out with his six-string, the music kicks in with its Giorgio Moroder synths, which generates a strange juxtaposition. When Weezy’s backing band finally shows up, a drummer attempts to mock-play the song’s digital beats and a second guitarist hops around when we’re actually hearing the sounds of keyboards. There’s also a subplot featuring a harem of models that stare longingly at Weezy; one brunette takes the lyric “Hell’s Angel, I pluck her feathers” literally and sprouts black wings.

The Web is ablaze with unconfirmed rumors that Rebirth has been pushed back yet again, past its February arrival date. In fact, all Rebirth preorder pages appear to have been erased from e-tailers, including iTunes and Amazon. “On Fire” is the second video from ...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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