Kiss Keep Merchandising Mania Alive With Special Edition M&M’s

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Blabbermouth has the lowdown on a piece of Kiss merchandising that’s actually tasty, rather than tasteless: Kiss M&M’s. The limited-edition chocolates are due in October, in time for Halloween — which the band will spend rocking New Orleans’ Voodoo Festival, as Rock Daily reported. Plus, the band’s new disc, which Paul Stanley promised “rocks big time!” should be ready pretty soon, according to our calculations.

So where do the M&M’s rank in the pantheon of Kiss Kollectibles? Take a look back at the Rock List you readers voted on last year, and a gallery of Kiss’ best:

• The Kiss Merchandising Machine: Kollectibles from M&M’s to Mr. Potato Heads

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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